About Me

Over and over, I find myself drawn to people--their faces, the bodies that carry them through the world, and the stories they gather along the way. 

Whether in the smooth shapes and lines of my figure drawings or the curious faces of the figures who emerge in my intuitive paintings and mixed media work, my art is steeped in the stories, emotions, expressions, and character that the human figure brings to the page and the canvas.  

And the final and most important figure in the work?  You the viewer, who bring with you all of your life's experiences and associations to pull from my work your own connections and understanding.

Oh, were you hoping for the more practical details about me?  Of course, my friend. I live and work in the beautiful South Alabama town of Fairhope, where I live with my family, my dogs, and an indeterminate number of honeybees.  But I am so grateful for the internet, email, and social media which allow me to connect with and learn from people all over the world---people just like you.