One of my favorite ways to move in this world is to invite fellow creatives (yes, even you) into my studio (or sometimes a temporary studio space) to in engage in the creative practices that bring us closer to each other, to the world around us, and to the small parts of self that live hidden inside our hearts.

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September, 17th  2-5 p.m.

As we walk through our grown lives, we carry with us all of our small, childhood selves.  Whether or not we acknowledge them, they communicate with us each day, sharing the wisdom of the lessons they learned.  Whether their wisdom is precinct and valuable to the present moment or not, we must honor their contribution to the journeys that carried us safely here.

In this workshop, we will honor our small inner-child selves as we reach into the depths of a painted background the bring forth a childlike paper doll.  We will nurture them with creativity and place them in a surrounding of love and joy, held inside a shadowbox frame.

$160.00 per person. (Contact me to discuss private party rates.)


No refunds will be given after September 10th.  If you develop a conflict after the cancelation deadline has passed, you may transfer your workshop spot to another person. 


• Limited to 10 students

• Students should be 18+ (Contact me to discuss exceptions.)

• Absolutely no experience is required.

• All supplies are included.  Students will leave with a 8” x 10” framed work.


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