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If you can draw a basic stick figure, then you already have the building blocks you need to learn to draw the human form.  Join local figurative artist Sarah Rutledge Fischer and learn to use your power of observation and a few simple concepts to begin building expressive human figures on the page.


Already have some experience drawing the human figure?  Come review basic concepts and push yourself to find more expression and connection in what your draw.


This class works with live, unclothed models and focuses on concepts such as gesture, proportion, shape, line, and value.  All experience levels welcome and celebrated.


A breath in. A breath out. A pencil moving along the slow and simple path traveled by the eye. Together these can calm the mind and transform the blank page.

In this workshop, students will work with local artist Sarah Rutledge Fischer to learn her method of using pencil and paper to find a slow meditative path around the contours of an object. Students will work to let go of concern about outcome and instead trust the connection between their eyes and hands, and use this connection to follow an object’s most essential lines.
This course requires nothing more than a pencil, some paper, and a heart willing to let go of control. 

No previous artistic experience required. This workshop is appropriate for anyone who can hold a pencil.


Steal away for an afternoon, and join local artist Sarah Rutledge Fischer in a workshop designed to provide both a foundation for beginning figure artists and a refreshing nudge for more experienced artists. Gesture drawing, the art of quickly capturing the essence of a figure with only a handful of lines or shapes, is foundational to most forms of figurative art. Yet, many artists never had the chance to study with a live model, and many of those who did abandoned the practice to their student years. It’s time to dive back in.

Working with a lightly clothed model, Sarah will guide students through different methods of using line and shape to quickly capture the essence of a human form.

Absolutely no experience necessary.